• Our experience and extensive knowledge of service and installation are at your disposal from smallest (Interior Wall plaques) to largest (20' tall channel letters).


Concrete Foundations

  • We are fully equipped and staff to do both auger and slab foundations, as per your engineered drawing specification.



  • It would be our pleasure to prepare a "service agreement", in order to maintain your exterior signage. This contract style partnership, will keep your signage clean and in top working condition for the duration of the agreement.



  • At Upwright Sign Service Ltd., we take a great deal of pride, in responding to your service requirements, keeping your best interest in mind.



  • Upwright Sign Service Ltd. will provide detailed site surveys for all of your signage projects, which includes a full range of digital photos and accurate, detailed measurements.



  • When permits are required, we would be more than happy to coordinate a formal application on your behalf. Research into local by-laws and restrictions will be performed in a timely fashion.



List of Equipment:

  • 85' Elliot
  • 64' crane
  • 52' crane
  • 3 bucket trucks with working height of 42'
  • skid steer
  • 4 flat bed trailers
  • 2 pickup trucks